Dereck Scott

“Bringing the Pieces Back Together for Justice.”

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Hello everyone, this is Dereck I just wanted to thank everyone for all the support and help that was given during the campaign. My family had a short vacation we are busy with our new plans. We have come to a decision, and we are going to close this website so this will be our last few messages. But before we say goodbye, I just wanted to say I’m sorry for the loss of Larry Koren and the other deputies and firefighter who perished in the helicopter accident. My heart goes out to these fallen heroes, you will be in our prayers every day. I had the privilege to meet Larry on the campaign trail. He was great to talk to, fun, and just a great guy.  He was so kind to me, and I was honored to know him, he will be missed.  I would like to offer any help to the family, or to Sheriff Manny Gonzales.  

May the Lord keep you and guide you through this difficult time. God bless you all

Dereck Scott

Undersheriff Larry Koren, Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office, New Mexico (

  • I will work to ensure safety for Bernalillo County residents, including Albuquerque. I will be going out to the community and educating people on how to secure their home, car, and self. Also, I will Start a task force for “broken window” quality of life crimes with the “Reserve Deputy Program”
  • I will immediately hire part time and full-time deputies. I will bring retired deputies who wish to return back to the force. Starting with medically retired Deputies with disabilities I will create a cyber crime task force. This will allow us to keep more Deputies on the streets. At the present time, there is no cyber-crime unit in either the Sheriff’s Office or APD. This leaves the County vulnerable to cyber attacks.
  • I have fought for your rights at state legislative sessions and will continue to do so. Starting with a Murder bill.
  • My administrative team and I will go on patrol and work with all the communities in Bernalillo County. To understand the problems there and make them safer and stronger. I will also work with APD to deal with the homeless epidemic and Gang Crime.
  • I am the Constitutional-minded, pro-2A Republican candidate for Sheriff.
  • Dereck Scott was an LE Explorer and then a Cadet with the Jefferson County , CO Sheriff’s Department.
  • Dereck operated the security unit of a prestigious security, investigations and bonding company before he was 21.
  • He moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico where he now resides in 2003.
  • Dereck conducted a dignitary/VIP protection detail here in New Mexico and was honored to provide protection to a Prince of a foreign state.
  • Dereck worked at the Sandoval County Sheriffs’ Department as a certified Peace Officer and a Reserve Deputy. He investigated cases from theft to attempted murder. He wrote revised policies for the Sandoval County Detention Center and received numerous awards for his work for the Sheriff’s Department.
  • He was a firearms instructor for both able and disabled individuals.
  • Dereck worked with Representatives throughout the state to better the lives of both able and disabled New Mexicans.
  • In 2014, he was honored at the State Capitol for his advocacy by the Lieutenant Governor and State Senate.

Elect Dereck A Scott, For Sheriff Early Voting May 10th. June 7 primary Election day, for Republican Primary, Please Vote!

  • We voted! Thank you for all your, support, votes and Prayers.

    My awesome wife’s snuck this photo of myself voting today turning in my ballot. It has been a long adventure and I want to thank everyone who has volunteered and helped us through this arduous campaign. I also I want to personally thank the candidates that were so supportive and helpful through this process of my first time running for office. You all have been a wonderful support I can’t thank you enough. We’re going to win back this state of New Mexico.

  • More Signs

    Out putting up signs today for the 7th we hope they stay up this time lol. Keep an eye out for us and let us know if you like where we put the signs or if you have suggestions for other places we can put up signs that would help. Like if anybody has property that looks out on a major thoroughfare where we can put up our Banner. Lastly we’d like to thank Lesmen’s Pro Audio, Lighting, & Video for making us such wonderful Signs and Banners please support this local business they have been wonderful to us.

    6080 Isleta Blvd SW
  • New Mexico Business Coalition “Job interview bash.”

    We had a great time June 2nd at the New Mexico Business Coalition job interview Bash. I want to thank the New Mexico Business Coalition for inviting us and being such gracious hosts it was a really good time to get to know such a great organization. I really appreciate all the people that showed up the and asked wonderful questions. Remember to share like subscribe and tell everybody about . We humbly ask for your vote June 7th. It’s time that we elect candidates like myself that are bold and ready to fight crime from the bottom to the top.

    My mife snuck a Photo because they would not allow video tape of the event. but it was posted on the New Mexico Business Coalition website.
  • Press/media does it again!

  • Why The plan is important. All the signs posted where stolen or damage.

    We have some heart-breaking news. On Monday May 23 I was called at the campaign office number from someone stating, “signs were too close”. The man did not define what location or who he was. I went from location to location only to find that all the signs were taken or destroyed. This is just sad that someone thinks that it is okay to steal or destroy other people’s property. The other campaign candidate’s signs were in place and untouched. It was a malicious act by people. Thankful there was a lovely lady that saw two women moving and missing with my signs. I did call APD and reported this hateful act and violation of the law. This makes me more resolute than ever that our plan is the right plan to attack these lower crimes. Because this could escalate to something more severe if it is not dealt with properly because we were the only ones targeted. It’s time to stop allowing criminals having free reign of our county and city. If you see the signs discarded or damaged or who might have done this, please contact us or 505-242-COPS.  Replacing the signs is not an option at this point. It’s just frustrating and angering that people are so full of hate that they would feel that it is okay to take someone’s chance at doing something to help others. Please pass this around.

  • Sheriff’s Fourm with the New Mexico Federation of Republican Woman, Metro, on May 11, 2022.

    I and my team had a wonderful time meeting and talking with these lovely ladies. There was good questions and conversations along with a great lunch. Thank you, New Mexico Federation of Republican Woman Meto, for inviting me and taking the time to get to know me.

  • Meet and Greet with Greg Zanetti and Mary Ingham

    #bigdforsheriff Had a great time at the meet and greet with Greg Zanetti who is running for Governor and Mary Ingram who is also running for District 10. Thank you, Scott and your loving wife, for opening your home and providing a delicious homemade hambergers and hotdogs.  Thankfully we recovered the pictures from our device but posted a little late. Hope to see you soon at your meet and greet. If you would like to host a meet and greet for Dereck Scott Big D for Sheriff please contact or

    Mary Ingham for District 10 and Scott’s (the hosts) wife

    Going from left to right: Greg Zanetti for Governor of New Mexico, Dereck’s wife, and Dereck Scott for Sheriff for Bernalillo County

  • Common Ground podcast interview!

    #bigdforsheriff Hay everyone the Podcast “Common Ground” posted today and my self and Jamie Fraser-Paige where on talking about our run for sheriff in Bernalillo county and what it means to Law enforce. Tell me what you think leave a comment below.

  • Proud to be in the South Valley

    #bigdforsheriff Had a great time meeting people at the South Valley Pride Day, listening to their concerns and answering questions.  A huge thank you to Larry Gallegos, Sherry Gutierrez, and for the unnamed heroes that we might have forgotten to mention for going above and beyond. Thank you to the volunteers and Rio Grande football, team for helping with directing traffic, parking, and setting up. By the way Go Ravens!!!  And a big thank you, Patrick Sais, running for state representative in district 26, for sharing his parade float with me and Dina Vargas for all that she does in the South Valley.  My wife had an even better time and feeling right at home.

    Parade line
    Patrick Sais’s float in parade
    Dereck talking to voters
  • Big announcement Big D will be at the South Valley Pride Day and parade April 24. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Not that pride but South Valley Pride Day I.E. like living in the South valley, and My wife an Archibque is from the South Valley and loves going every year. We are so happy that South Valley pride day is back and happing this year. We are proud of the South valley, Dereck Scott Big D will be at the booth #4 to answer your questions and talk with you about crime plaguing our county, towns, and City. So come down to the South Valley Parade and day, there will be food and fun. we hope to see you there this Sunday April 24 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.