Dereck A Scott

Why The plan is important. All the signs posted where stolen or damage.

We have some heart-breaking news. On Monday May 23 I was called at the campaign office number from someone stating, “signs were too close”. The man did not define what location or who he was. I went from location to location only to find that all the signs were taken or destroyed. This is just sad that someone thinks that it is okay to steal or destroy other people’s property. The other campaign candidate’s signs were in place and untouched. It was a malicious act by people. Thankful there was a lovely lady that saw two women moving and missing with my signs. I did call APD and reported this hateful act and violation of the law. This makes me more resolute than ever that our plan is the right plan to attack these lower crimes. Because this could escalate to something more severe if it is not dealt with properly because we were the only ones targeted. It’s time to stop allowing criminals having free reign of our county and city. If you see the signs discarded or damaged or who might have done this, please contact us or 505-242-COPS.  Replacing the signs is not an option at this point. It’s just frustrating and angering that people are so full of hate that they would feel that it is okay to take someone’s chance at doing something to help others. Please pass this around.


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